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From product manufacturing to brand creation

China's market economy started relatively late. In the international economic environment, it has become the latest and largest manufacturing base for foreign investors in Asia, followed by Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions. A large amount of capital, advanced production technology and enterprise management experience have poured in from developed countries, which has greatly stimulated China's industrialization process. The production technology and production capacity have approached or even reached the international advanced level. With the ultra-high speed development of economy, the pure manufacturing power has begun to have some drawbacks. Recently, national leaders, economic experts and the general public have raised their voices on the economic development trend from "madeinchina" to "createinchina"

China's production-oriented enterprises, especially the light industry production enterprises with the largest market penetration in the world, their profit sources roughly include the circulation market without brand operation, international trade market and OEM or ODM processing and production for other brands. Its living environment, especially that of small and medium-sized enterprises, has become increasingly difficult in recent years

in the Chinese market where the competition in various industries is extremely fierce, the business of enterprises is often the choice of the lowest price made by customers after the quality is the same and the goods are compared. The profits obtained by enterprises are not ideal. In addition, with the continuous improvement of labor treatment over the years, blonde will increase the cost of enterprises based on this trend, and the profit space has been further compressed. In the international trade market, due to the continuous appreciation of the RMB exchange rate since 2007 and the international anti-dumping policies of some industries, the foreign trade market has been shrinking and the profits have declined significantly

even the best processing enterprises have obvious limitations. No matter how high the annual net income and how large the scale of an enterprise is, it is only one factory or multiple factories that China's economy has begun to modernize. No matter how big the impact is, it can only be in one industry. It can not be like a brand. Once its popularity and image are improved, its influence in the process of machine operation will not only be in the industry, but also in various fields of business and society

since the reform and opening up, China's processing enterprises have mushroomed and expanded. Today, 30 years later, there is no doubt that they have encountered the threshold of survival. From the above analysis, the only way to cross this threshold is through the change of business strategy, from pure processing profit to the domestic terminal market with larger profits and increasingly huge market capacity, that is to create independent brands

processing is due to the fact that polymer enterprises, which are composed of long-chain elements, especially those with ODM experience, have accumulated rich product production technology, R & D capability and production management experience while providing product processing services for many domestic and foreign brands. In fact, they have the inherent advantage of creating their own brands

in terms of product cost, the cost of products is one level lower than that of brand operators without independent factories, and the profit of terminal sales is naturally one level higher. In terms of product development, we are clear about the product characteristics and positioning of various OEM customers. Through comparative analysis, the product development of our own brands will be more in line with the market and consumer needs. At the same time, the integration of production and marketing is absolutely realized, omitting the communication process of OEM and even the benefit restrictions of OEM factories, and replenishing goods at any time, delivering goods on time and exchanging unsalable or damaged products in time according to market needs

from a processing enterprise to a brand operating enterprise, realize the stride from manufacturing to creation, meet higher profit space, cross industry brand operation and long-term benign and sustainable development of the enterprise, and realize the great sublimation from "madeinchina" to "createinchina"

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