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Changchun, Jilin: from "traditional manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing"

this is a rare opportunity. On july19,2017, a new national strategy was issued, and Changchun was placed in high hopes. The executive meeting of the State Council deployed to create a "made in China 2025" national demonstration zone, and Changchun became the first batch of approved pilot demonstration cities

this is a very node. With the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China approaching, Changchun has set its sights on the future and is steadily advancing towards the goal of building a regional central city in Northeast Asia

this is a new start. The Changchun municipal Party committee and the Changchun municipal government have gathered the great strength of the people of the whole city, focused on building a new manufacturing system, and promoted the continuous development and growth of the "intelligent manufacturing" industry

the mission is on our shoulders, and we must forge ahead. Recently, Changchun City issued the "made in China 2025 Changchun Implementation Outline" and the "Changchun city implementation plan for promoting the" made in China 2025 "pilot demonstration city", which clearly defined that from this year to 2019, it will build six hundred billion level strategic emerging industries, aim at the high-end links of the industrial chain, move towards "intelligent manufacturing" and connect with the world

in fact, Changchun has already moved

build an intelligent chemical plant to promote "intelligent manufacturing" towards precision.

take out the blank from the heating furnace, put it into the buffer platform, and then put it into the die of the press. After spraying lubricant and transmission... Five manipulators are linked step by step, like 3D printing. In just 22.5 seconds, a shock absorber cover is produced

in the Kaisa aluminum forging workshop in the industrial park of Jilin general machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., dozens of CNC machine tools are lined up, each covering less than 10 square meters, but the traditional types of work such as turning, pliers, milling, riveting, electricity, etc. are exhausted. In the workshop of nearly 10000 square meters, only a dozen workers are staring at the instrument panel. This is only a microcosm of the company's equipment manufacturing intelligence

this year, Changchun implemented the "robot replacement" plan to promote the wide application of new generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data and IOT, as well as intelligent manufacturing equipment such as robots, CNC machine tools and 3D printing in enterprises. Throughout the year, 10 intelligent chemical plants, 20 digital workshops and 50 automatic production lines were built and transformed

intelligent production not only improves the work efficiency, but also effectively improves the product R & D and manufacturing level. At present, Jilin GM has not only firmly occupied the leading position of domestic high and middle end automobile chassis parts, but also successfully entered the European market, becoming a trusted partner of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and other foreign top automobile enterprises. Not long ago, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Pilsen company of Germany. After the project is completed, the annual sales will exceed 200million yuan

in recent years, Changchun equipment manufacturing enterprises have risen strongly, with 2615 enterprises, including 185 Enterprises above designated size. As industry leaders, these enterprises have a good foundation of "intelligent manufacturing". For example, Dazheng Bokai Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise specialized in robot automatic welding and production of wood powder, powertrain, electrical automation and robot application. FAW Volkswagen, FAW sedan, Shanghai Volkswagen, brilliance BMW and other automobile manufacturers are its long-term cooperative customers. Changchun North chemical filling equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the field of automatic intelligent equipment in China's chemical filling industry. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of automatic filling robot production lines, intelligent storage and digital workshops. It has mastered the domestic leading and international advanced technology

the construction of intelligent chemical plant is promoting Changchun "intelligent manufacturing" enterprises to become sophisticated step by step

expand intelligent projects and expand the industrialization scale of "intelligent manufacturing"

in the economic development zone, Changchun Hexin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., an unknown enterprise, "eats big fish with a 38.89% year-on-year increase", has successfully acquired German GRG group, an international equipment manufacturing leader several times its own scale

in Lvyuan District, intelligent robots are not only involved in the service industry, but also perform well in the industrial field. In the Xixin industrial concentration zone, the KUKA robot developed by Changchun shineli Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. has been put into production

"smart" manufacturing has strength, and development has confidence. With the collective efforts of such "small" enterprises, Changchun's equipment manufacturing industry is making rapid progress from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", and the enterprise scale is growing

since the beginning of the year, Changchun has continued to accelerate the scale of intelligent industrialization and expand intelligent projects by implementing enterprise technological transformation through informatization and intellectualization. It has given enterprises as much help as it can in terms of policy guidance, financial support, factor services, carrier construction, platform construction, etc., and made great efforts to build a number of industrial R & D centers, service platforms and manufacturing innovation centers; Through the establishment of industry support and guidance fund, strategic emerging industry investment company and SME financing guarantee company, we can provide services for the financing of strategic emerging industries and improve the R & D level and capacity of enterprises. This year, 25 innovative incubation projects were added to the base, which is difficult to bear in the modification of ordinary plastics. It is said that it can double the shelf life of perishable foods such as bread, with an area of no less than 500000 square meters, which has promoted the transformation of products to high-tech content and high added value, and the industry is moving towards the high end of the value chain

CRRC Changke Co., Ltd. took the lead in mastering the train network control technology called "high-speed railway brain" in China, breaking the technical monopoly of the train network control system; "Jilin No. 1" has set a number of "firsts" such as China's first commercial satellite launched under the name of a province; Through school enterprise cooperation with Jilin University, Changchun Ruixing Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a numerical control laminated plate cutting robot and an H-type group machine robot. The two achievements are expected to achieve mass production in 2017, with an estimated economic value of more than 50million yuan...

the continuous promotion of "intelligent manufacturing", the continuous emergence of high-end products in Changchun's equipment manufacturing industry, and the significant improvement of "intelligent" manufacturing strength. High end CNC machine tool projects, industrial robot industry projects, intelligent manufacturing industry support service cloud platform projects, etc. under the innovation driven strategy, there are thousands of items in the list of equipment manufacturing in Changchun, which has injected inexhaustible power into the economic transformation and upgrading and the new round revitalization of the old industrial base

Changchun will also focus on rail transit, intelligent manufacturing equipment, aerospace equipment, optoelectronic equipment, modern agricultural machinery equipment and other fields, and make every effort to build 100 intelligent manufacturing industry demonstration projects, with a total investment of 17.45 billion yuan. In 2017, it plans to invest 5.65 billion yuan to cultivate a number of sophisticated, specialized, special and new intelligent manufacturing system integration enterprises, and strive to build an intelligent manufacturing equipment industry cluster with Changchun characteristics. By 2021, The output value of advanced equipment manufacturing industry in the city reached 135billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 12%, of which the output value of rail transit equipment industry reached 78billion yuan

build an intelligent park to help the transformation and upgrading of "intelligent manufacturing"

the weather in late autumn is already cold. With the roar of machines, the shuttle of heavy trucks and the waving of iron arms in Changchun equipment manufacturing Industrial Development Zone, the construction of the park is in full swing and the heat is not reduced. The foundation construction of Shenzhen Wanrun optoelectronic railway passenger car LED lighting project phase II, the four-level maintenance base project of long-distance passenger multiple units, and the production of interior parts of Qingdao Weiao motor car are under way... With the support of a number of large projects and good projects, Changchun equipment manufacturing industry development zone is growing into the core of Changchun advanced equipment manufacturing industry around the railway passenger car and long-distance passenger motor car projects

Changchun equipment manufacturing industrial development zone is one of the 10 industrial parks promoted by Changchun since the beginning of the year. In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing and shoulder the important mission of building a world-class equipment manufacturing industrial base, the Changchun municipal government, in combination with the actual situation and development needs of the city, vigorously supports the accelerated development of various industrial parks. The city has set up a level-1 national treasury and an independent tax collection and management institution in each development zone and park. The municipal shared income actually allocated last year is taken as the base, and the excess part is refunded in full. The municipal financial and tax return funds will be specially used for the infrastructure construction of the Development Zone, enterprise loan discount, financing and public information platform construction; Endow the development zone with the function of land collection and storage, and directly collect and store the matching operational land within the jurisdiction; For some projects below 30million US dollars, the development zones and parks can examine and approve by themselves; Foreign capital utilization projects and northeast old industrial base reconstruction projects that meet the state's encouraged categories, which have reached a certain scale, advanced technology and have a significant driving effect on the economic development of the province and the city, will be listed as key projects of the city with priority after approval, and will be given preference in land use, credit, capital, etc. In addition, national policy banks and commercial banks are encouraged to provide credit support to eligible infrastructure and public utility projects in the park, and support eligible enterprises in the park to expand direct financing through the capital market

Changchun also adopts different preferential policies according to the different conditions of each park and development zone due to the local conditions. Give equipment manufacturing enterprises more choice opportunities. In order to select the site for the new plant, Gou Yang, general manager of North filling, went to many places and finally chose Changchun optoelectronics and intelligent manufacturing equipment industrial park planned and constructed in Changchun new area. At present, the first phase of the industrial park has introduced 24 projects, 4 of which have been completed and put into operation, and 21 of which have been reopened. It is planned to achieve the goal that the industrial scale will exceed 20billion yuan and the industrial added value will exceed 8billion yuan by 2020, with an average annual growth of 20%

Huawei big data center, a major strategic emerging industry project with a total investment of 1billion yuan, is installing and debugging equipment; In the Jitong Sino German industrial park with a total investment of 5.7 billion yuan, 15 plants in phase IV are arranged neatly. "The four aluminum forging production lines of phase IV have been fully commissioned, and it is expected that the world's leading production lines will be filled by the end of the year." Chairman lijibao said happily

plant Wutong trees to attract Phoenix. The intelligent industrial park has attracted many projects to settle down. With large-scale operation and cluster development, the prospect of "intelligent manufacturing" industry in Changchun is just right

the tide is flat, the banks are wide, and the wind is hanging a sail. From "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", focusing on the construction and transformation of a number of intelligent chemical plants, digital workshops and automated production lines, and the long-term goal of building a new manufacturing system, Changchun's equipment manufacturing industry is becoming bigger and stronger, and steadily moving forward on the road of boosting a new round of revitalization and development

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