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From September, Zhanjiang supermarkets will ban the sale of PCs and baby bottles containing BPA. In order to protect infants from the possible adverse effects of bottles on their health, the Ministry of health and five other national institutions issued the 15th statement, banning polycarbonate (PC) and baby bottles containing BPA, requiring that the import and sale of polycarbonate and other baby bottles containing BPA be prohibited in China from September 1, 2011, The new energy industry status of Zhanjiang supermarket has been continuously improved, and PC and baby bottles containing BPA will be banned

bisphenol A (BPA) is often used to make polycarbonate and polyepoxy, and is widely used in food packaging, containers and baby bottles. BPA has accelerated its integration with the automotive industry in the new generation of information technology, new energy, new materials and other technologies. When heated, it is easy to be separated from containers or packages into food and beverages. Excessive exposure to BPA may have an impact on nerve development and immune system function, especially for infants. BPA is an estrogen mimicking substance, which can disturb the endocrine system, lead to adolescent development and adult reproductive problems, and even cause hormone related cancer. On june1,2011, China has banned the production of polycarbonate and baby bottles containing BPA

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