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Home decoration has always been a hot topic of public discussion. Today, with the rising house prices, many owners have been overwhelmed by the amazing house prices. After the new house is acquired, they have to face huge home decoration costs. As laymen, ordinary consumers are at a loss as to whether to choose a home decoration company or a decoration guerrilla. Brand home decoration companies are good, but a little expensive. Many owners of first-time home decoration have such traditional ideas. In fact, we all know that brand home decoration companies have management costs and need to build an after-sales service system. The expenditure is naturally higher than that of home decoration guerrillas. In addition, what are the differences between the quotations of brand home decoration companies and guerrillas? To this end, the author contacted and visited a number of professionals in the home decoration industry to see where the quotation of brand home decoration companies is high? And whether the price is reasonable

first, there are differences in design fees

in today's home decoration market, many brand companies have included design fees in the charging items, and home decoration design is no longer a free lunch. Take a house of 100 square meters as an example. According to the different levels of designers, the design fees charged by brand home decoration companies basically range from 3000 yuan to 6000 yuan. For the guerrillas, there is almost no such charge

then, can you save the cost of home decoration design? The person in charge of a home decoration company said that the design of the brand home decoration company is based on the principle of function first, and will not do useless modeling and wasteful design, which virtually saves the home decoration cost for the owner. Some owners who are decorated by guerrillas often wait until the construction to find the design problems. If they want to push it down and start again, it will take time and money

second, the environmental protection price of materials is higher

nowadays, most home decoration companies adopt the half package mode, and home decoration companies are responsible for sand, cement and other auxiliary materials, but these seemingly insignificant materials have great differences in quality and price. With the continuous strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, some brand home decoration companies began to use their own special environmental protection materials, many of which are imported, and the imported materials are naturally more expensive than the local materials

home decoration guerrillas and brand home decoration companies choose different materials, and the quotation is naturally different. Therefore, when talking about home decoration quotation, consumers should evaluate the price by integrating factors such as the origin, brand and specification of materials, rather than simply comparing the total budget price

third, the construction process determines the quotation

the construction process is different, and the cost of home decoration will also vary greatly. For example, it's cheap to go through pipelines, and it's expensive to go through hidden lines; Ordinary ceiling is cheaper, and the more complex ceiling with high and low levels will be a little more expensive. For the same TV background wall, the structure is different, the difficulty of the project is different, the labor cost is different, and the quotation is also different. In terms of home decoration projects, brand home decoration companies and guerrillas may be on the same starting line, but when it comes to the difficulty and accuracy of technology, there is a big difference between them

some insiders told the author that the construction technology of brand home decoration companies must be more reliable. There is no doubt that the greater the difficulty of the technology and the higher the accuracy, the higher the corresponding quotation. Although the cost is high, the quality of brand home decoration companies is more reassuring

IV. after sales service is guaranteed

looking for a home decoration enterprise with a good history, good development momentum, corporate culture integrity, and the courage to take responsibility is the safest guarantee for home decoration. Any quality situation after home decoration is unwilling by both parties, but once there is a real problem, the after-sales maintenance and responsibility ability and attitude of the construction party become extremely important. The two-year warranty test is the business ability, financial strength, and sense of responsibility of the enterprise; The maintenance costs involved can be high or low. The low ones may only be dozens of yuan, and the high ones may reach tens of thousands of yuan, such as water leakage, or wood floor deformation. Who should bear this account? Does it seem very important

to measure whether a home decoration company is expensive or not, you have to take this series of factors into account. Waste of time and energy, poor design, poor material quality, potential safety hazards, no after-sales service guarantee, no integrity of low-cost home decoration, will you still choose




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