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Ono doors and windows has always adhered to the high-end direction. This time, Huiya media interviewed Xiong Zong, an ONO dealer from Longyan, Fujian, to hear how he did a good job in terminal services and implemented and carried forward Ono's concept

Name: Xiong Jiangbin

business brand: ono doors and windows

City: Fujian Longyan

joining time: 2010

joining speech

in the first year of the establishment of Ono doors and windows, I chose it and have been with it until now. For so many years, I have always believed that my choice is correct. A few years ago, after a friend introduced me to the boss of Ono, through many exchanges, I found that Ono doors and windows really has very professional knowledge and high advantages in technical research and development, and the boss is very honest, and he gives great help and discounts to dealers, so I began to cooperate, from products to services, I am very satisfied, no matter how long I will continue to cooperate with Ono doors and windows

business philosophy

doors and windows are customized products, so for dealers, professional knowledge is also needed to reduce errors. My idea is to build a team. From sales to after-sales, from measurement to promotion, we are all in the charge of special personnel, and receive regular training to ensure that we can always grasp the industry trend. At the same time, we will also contact the relevant personnel of the decoration company and expand the strategic partnership of business, which are beneficial to our development in the local market

experience sharing

as a dealer in high-end home stores, I am very supportive of alliance activities. From wardrobe to kitchen cabinet to bathroom, all brands introduce and interact with each other, cultivate and expand each other, which is very effective in promoting brands and expanding fame. At the same time, we will also carry out selective advertising for onor, such as LED advertising in places with large traffic in stores; And advertising in prime locations for commuting outdoors; At the same time, for the potential customers of Ono, we will choose high-end residential areas and villas for publicity. Targeting and grasping every potential customer is our strategy to slowly open and occupy the local door and window market when we are doing Ono doors and windows





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