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As a participant in seamless wallcovering, if you can't understand its internal characteristics in the process of industrial development, you will be at a loss and painful. Then Hongting embroidery wallcovering will move from single product business to deeper and broader overall soft decoration business

as a participant in seamless wallcovering, if we can't understand its internal characteristics in the process of industrial development, we will be at a loss and painful. The development of Hongting embroidery wallcovering from single product business to deeper and broader overall soft decoration business is an enterprise spirit with a sense of crisis all the time, with his in-depth strategic layout, because we are a wallcovering enterprise focusing on technical sales from beginning to end, It has sufficient theoretical analysis and practical judgment

what is brand hollowing out? The reader should understand this topic, The network entry is interpreted as follows: "The main manifestation of brand hollowing out is that the brand is simply symbolic, has extensive popularity but no personalized connotation, the brand positioning and core concept are seriously homogenized, the target audience's cognition and recognition of its brand are seriously asymmetric with its popularity, the brand and products do not form a benign interactive relationship, the brand's commitment to the interests of consumers cannot be realized through specific products, and the brand has an impact on consumers' purchase decisions The impact is very limited. "

based on the interpretation of the entry and combined with the characteristics of the seamless wall fabric industry, Hongting embroidery wall fabric summarizes the hollow factors of the seamless wall fabric brand in five points:

first, any product of wall fabric does not need extensive popularity. Everyone may be the leading brand of Chinese wall fabric and the top ten wall fabric brands in China. It is an industry with a wide range of honors without any marketing investment. It is an industry with a reversed value system, Only the wall fabric industry can implement brand airborne

second, seamless wall fabric is a generalized field without standards, which is attributed to the derivative result of the in-depth accumulation of technology in the light and textile industry. In fact, Linglang manmu actually learns from the same school, and the original is just a substitute. Low threshold, homogeneity, fragmentation, and high outsourcing are the eternal brand symbols of the seamless wall fabric industry. 2017 is the watershed of the whole industry. Many wall fabric manufacturers collectively parachute brands, and the world has shifted. The industry is about to face the inevitable trend of brand hollowing out, The bottleneck of many enterprises' development will face pain. The arrival of hollow wallcovering brand is just a simple marketing means under the homogenization, fragmentation and high outsourcing of seamless wallcovering industry

third, the growth of the wall fabric market is also the deepening of market publicity and education. In the seller's market to the buyer's market, dealers have grown into industry experts, who are familiar with the rules of the game covered by the industry, the market has become rational, consumer demand has been upgraded, coupled with the impact of macro-economy, the hollowing out of the wall fabric brand will lead to the fragility of the business field, and it is difficult to maintain the competitiveness under its support system, The external manifestation is the serious deviation of input and output

IV. in the later stage of the development of seamless wallcovering industry, the capital influence is limited. Its fragmentation and high outsourcing are a large subset of the light textile industry. The greatest impact of capital force is the intensity of market resources, unlike the wallpaper industry, which has a certain share of upstream production materials due to large-scale enterprises, that is to say, the development of Wallcovering industry will not only conform to the value orientation of market resources, However, production resources have broad space for wall fabric enterprises

v. the bottleneck of hollowing out the wall cloth brand is the bottleneck of the wall cloth process. Inspiration has stopped in the innovation of pattern and style, and there is basically no eye-catching pen in the process, strengthening the quadratic effect of homogenization. In the future, innovation will be more innovation in sub sectors, which requires enterprises to put service first and resource integration to meet the changing needs of the consumer market

when the wall fabric industry develops to the middle and late stage, the proportion of enterprise cost marketing will rise sharply, and the cost depends on the timing of layout. Hongting embroidery wall fabric has always believed that the value of wall fabric will eventually be attached to the value platform led by the upgrading of market consumption, and the brand will glow with internal vitality. Hongting takes precautions. His in-depth strategic layout told friends in the form of annual signing, It has fulfilled the unique strategic development vision of a brand enterprise

l in 2013, the layout of the overall soft decoration "Hongting artist", rather than a single wall cloth layout, focuses on creating Hongting embroidered wall cloth

l in 2014, for the homogeneous market, Hongting proposed that the building of wall fabric brand lies in service value-added. For details, see the company's 2014 article "Hongting customer service Chen Wei: seamless wall fabric enterprise vitality comes from attentive service!"

l 2015 Hongting embroidered wall cloth was transformed into a brand monopoly. For details, see the company's article "Wang Hongting embroidered wall cloth talks about specialization, marketization and branding!", The article mentioned that the layout determines the outcome. The brand factors of Hongting embroidery wall cloth include products, image, goodwill, customers, channels and vision, which shows that Hongting is well prepared for brand construction

l in 2017, the wall fabric market has completed the extensive type, and the signs of market deviation from the trend in multiple directions are becoming more and more obvious. Hongting proposed precision marketing. See the company's article "Hongting artist, quality customer, quality market, quality service" in 2017 for details.

l in 2018, with the intensification of brand competition for wall fabric, it is also the beginning of the last elimination. Hongting implemented the overall soft decoration concept of Hongting artist positioned in 2013, It has achieved a differentiated development path with other wall fabric manufacturers, preliminarily completed the layout of high-end seamless wall fabric production enterprises and soft decoration integrated brand operators, and has formed a comprehensive home decoration building materials business with seamless wall fabric, integrated wall furniture, finished curtains, soft and hard bags as the core. It is believed that Hongting soft decoration will be the place where Hongting embroidery wall fabric brand value sublimation belongs, Service-oriented enterprises are the differentiation of the homogeneous market of wall coverings

when the clouds are pulled out, the moon is shining, and the lead is washed away. Just wait for the prosperity to fall, and the precipitation of the brand will take time

Hongting soft clothing, six years of quality persistence, is with you all the way

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