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It has the most subtle lines and the most simple materials. Runcheng Chuangzhan brings you the favorite rosewood furniture of collectors

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while Runcheng Chuangzhan will continue to

carefully build mahogany furniture

Chinese wooden furniture "dates back to the Shang and Zhou dynasties, plump in the Song Dynasties, and brilliant in the Ming and Qing Dynasties". Especially in the Ming Dynasty, the shape of furniture was more perfect and the variety was more complete

Ming style furniture is simple and simple in shape. It not only has smooth and meaningful line beauty, but also gives people implicit and elegant implication beauty. Its structural parts are compatible with decorative parts, without carving and decoration, and fully show the natural beauty of natural materials.

our rosewood furniture raw materials are from African lobular red sandalwood.

What are the characteristics of African lobular red sandalwood

wood properties: straight texture, hard wood, not easy to crack, good toughness, high hardness, corrosion resistance and insect resistance, high oiliness, air dry density greater than 1.0g/cm, excellent dry material stability

color: it is orange red and crimson when just planed. After contacting with air, the surface will quickly oxidize to reddish brown and turn black purple for a long time, which is basically the same as sandalwood

smell: the old material has a reduced flavor when sawing, while the new material has a slight sour flavor due to high water content. After water volatilization, it turns into a natural flavor

as the saying goes, "ten thousand feet tall buildings rise from the ground", the quality of rosewood material and the level of ingredients will directly affect the quality of the whole furniture product. We select the top African lobular red sandalwood as wood, and make it more beautiful after careful matching of patterns and colors. We carefully match it with high-quality mahogany, and the furniture we make will be handed down for generations, adding value and preserving value

mortise and tenon is the essence of Chinese traditional woodwork technology. Compared with the nail fixed parts of modern furniture, the mortise and tenon structure is more natural and durable. Our carpenters scientifically consider the thickness and tightness of the mortise and tenon and the rationality of the mechanical balance in this process, and use the exquisite and accurate mortise and tenon structure to closely connect all parts of the furniture, forming a solid whole. Each piece of mahogany furniture is tightly structured, not easy to relax, solid and stable, and durable

skilled craftsmen use sophisticated techniques such as chiseling, carving, repairing, scraping and grinding to meticulously and meticulously create furniture products with distinctive images, smooth lines and exquisite skills, which have high aesthetic value and are rich in the unique artistic temperament of traditional furniture. All kinds of carved patterns express all kinds of beautiful meanings and blessings, and perfectly present the meaning of hand carving

wax and polish repeatedly until the mahogany furniture shows beautiful wood grain and color, showing a moist and simple temperament. Furniture has been repeatedly scraped and polished until the wood grain of the furniture is naturally fresh, the hand feel is smooth, the color is warm and crystal, and the temperament is noble and elegant

next comes a wave of mahogany furniture appreciation

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