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Industrial Expo: from "Shanghai" to "China" (liberation)

tomorrow, the "2006 China International Industrial Expo" will open in Shanghai, which marks the official renaming of the "Shanghai International Industrial Expo" which has been successfully held for 7 times, and the first time to greet guests as "China Industrial Expo". The person in charge of the Organizing Committee Office of the ICIF said that behind the title change, the ICIF highlights the national strategy and makes a firm step towards the goal of building the "first international brand exhibition" of China's equipment manufacturing industry

changed its name to development. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's equipment industry developed rapidly, and East China has become the most important equipment product manufacturing and consumption base in China. The annual sales of machine tools alone account for "half" of the country. In the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" of the state, it is clearly proposed to "improve the industrial technology level through independent innovation" and "accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry". In the next five years, the equipment industry as a "machine tool" will make great strides forward. Against this background, a national platform for equipment industry exhibition, exchange and transaction is needed. This important task falls on the "Shanghai International Industrial Expo", which has been successfully held for 7 times and has gradually realized the transformation from local to national. At the beginning of this year, the State Council officially approved the renaming of "Shanghai International Industry Expo" to "China International Industry Expo"

after the ICIF has become a national exhibition platform, the most direct reflection is the improvement of the level of the Organizing Committee of the ICIF. Ma Kai, director of the national development and Reform Commission, Bo Xilai, Minister of Commerce, and Han Zheng, mayor of Shanghai, served as the director of this ICIF. The participation of the seven host ministries and commissions of the State Council and the Shanghai municipal government has greatly increased, and some have directly participated in the exhibition recruitment work. On July 12 this year, the national development and Reform Commission held a working meeting on organizing exhibitions for domestic industry-leading enterprises; On August 8, the Ministry of Commerce held an exhibition organized by foreign-invested enterprises and the world's top 500 multinational enterprises. Thanks to the direct participation of the seven major ministries and commissions of the State Council, this ICIF has welcomed an unprecedented "national team" of exhibitors, including PetroChina, Harbin Electric Power Group, Wuhan heavy machine tool, Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool, Huaneng, and State Grid Corporation of China, showing the due style of a national platform

looking at the statistics, we can feel the freshness of this Industrial Expo: the exhibition area is more than 110000 square meters, an increase of about 40% over the previous one; 1968 domestic and foreign enterprises participated in the exhibition, with the proportion of overseas enterprises reaching 31% and 30 of the world's top 500 enterprises. In the five professional exhibition areas and one scientific and technological innovation exhibition area, there are also top enterprises and products in the industry, including the "giant" of domestic CNC machine tools, a 16 meter long, 8 meter wide, 120 ton dead weight CNC Floor gantry boring and milling machine; There are also advanced and intelligent industrial robots brought by ABB. The high-tech content and the first exhibits account for nearly 40% of the total exhibits

after the name change, the core function of the ICIF is also changing, that is, from focusing on "display" to focusing on "transaction". The focus of the investment attraction of this Industrial Expo is no longer to attract the onlookers, but the insiders of the gatekeeper and the buyers who can bring "orders". November 1 and 2 were set as professional audience days for the first time in this Industrial Expo. The matching interaction specially organized for buyers and exhibitors will also greatly promote the exchanges between the two sides of the transaction. For example, the protection requirements of the product itself, which is the task of organizing the mutual industrial transformation between more than 30 automobile manufacturing enterprises and machine tool enterprises, is also a relatively good flash of excitement exchange test mode, creating an exchange and trading platform between the supply and demand sides, Thus, the Industrial Expo should adopt synchronous counter circuit to eliminate burrs, which will be more professional and wonderful

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