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From small-scale innovation to industry trend, who will dominate the ups and downs of the screen era

in September this year, the hottest new product vocabulary is undoubtedly "full screen". From the S2 sincere work of Sharp's return before, to the better mix2 release of Xiaomi, and the amazing iphonex 10-year commemorative edition just launched, to the upcoming Jinli M7, vivo and Huawei maimang 6, they are all focusing on the concept of "full screen". This trend will continue until October, not surprisingly, Huawei's latest flagship mate10 will also adopt a comprehensive screen design. All of a sudden, the trend of comprehensive screen has changed from small-scale innovation of individual manufacturers to the trend and trend of the whole industry

here, first of all, I think it is necessary to clarify the concept of "comprehensive screen". At present, there is no complete and accurate explanation for comprehensive screen in the industry, which also leads to the confusion that some brands are rubbing hot spots. According to the cognition of consumers and the difficulty of innovation, I think if the proportion of a screen is higher than 80% and there is no panel cover on at least three sides, This should be able to be WDS ⑴ 00 liquid crystal digital display electronic universal experimental machine is also very popular! Welcome to inquire about the experimental machine called "full screen". Therefore, in my opinion, Xiaomi mix2, sharp S2, iphonex, etc. are truly comprehensive screens, while some of them retain their forehead and chin up and down and are only slimmed down, which can only be regarded as an improved version of the "screen share" improvement

why does the comprehensive screen surpass small innovations such as borderless, dual camera and curved screen to become a real change in the pattern? This undoubtedly starts from the factors that consumers choose. When consumers buy, the attractiveness of their appearance has always been one of the top three important selection factors. In recent years, "a thousand machines and one side" has become an objective reality in the current terminal design field, so that many manufacturers have to talk about color. Although there are some good innovative attempts in the internal fields such as chips, cameras, hifi functions, etc., these are not intuitive and direct, and consumers need to experience them slowly, so they do not constitute a very sensational trend

Samsung, as a big player in the screen field, has been committed to screen innovation. However, although the "hyperboloid screen" promoted in the past few years is amazing, it is lack of practicality, and the price is too high and too few. It has not triggered a large number of terminal manufacturers to follow up and copy, resulting in the taste of Samsung playing a solo role. The emergence of Xiaomi mix has called out the concept of "comprehensive screen" for the first time, and the extremely high proportion of screens has undoubtedly surprised consumers, However, due to the heavy fuselage, poor camera and other defects, the attraction of the machine is discounted, which can be described as an imperfect water test

however, with the help of Samsung S8, apple iphonex, etc., consumers' appetite for a comprehensive screen was really lifted. The comprehensive screen design really enables consumers to see innovation and beauty at once. This visible innovation has always been the only driving force to promote consumers to pay. Moreover, due to the substantial reduction of the border, the two factors of screen size and size that could not be taken into account in the past have been well harmonized. The current golden size is 5.2-5.5 inches, while the full-scale screen can fit a 5.5-inch or even 5.8-inch screen in the body of about 5 inches, which gives consideration to the portability of the small screen and the visibility of the large screen. This face-saving and practical design is undoubtedly different from those consumers who did not perceive it clearly before. Some innovations have become a revolutionary change that benefits consumers

with the wishes of consumers, manufacturers are naturally willing to launch comprehensive screens. With new concepts, new designs and new explosion points, consumers are willing to pay higher prices for new products, which will bring more lucrative profit sources to manufacturers; At the same time, the design difficulty and production cost of the comprehensive screen are undoubtedly increasing, which also tests the manufacturer's real design ability and quality control level. It is a real competition for the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. For those large factories with comprehensive strength, it is a good opportunity to further consolidate their share, so as to ensure the experimental accuracy and expand their territory, But for many small and medium-sized brands or those manufacturers who only rely on the sales channel, the impact and pressure will undoubtedly be huge. It can be said that the big wave scouring is convenient for the experimental needs of samples of different lengths, so big factories are also willing to add fuel to the flames and occupy cities and lands

manufacturers are willing to place orders for promotion, and the whole industrial chain naturally follows this change. With the popularization of all-round screens, fundamental changes need to take place in screen material, processing technology, overall design layout, etc. For example, OLED screens that are easier to cut will undoubtedly become the mainstream, which is why even apple has given up sharp LCD screens and joined Samsung OLED; Because of the frameless design, the requirements for screen cutting technology are also higher. The laser cutting technology and the increase of dimensional stability will be popularized rapidly; In addition, in order to avoid the lack of aesthetic feeling caused by black edges, the screen bonding technology also needs to be changed. The use of thinner bonding strips also needs to change this part of the process; In addition, the fingerprint module that cannot be placed due to insufficient space on the front panel also needs to be replaced by technologies such as iris recognition or ultrasonic under screen fingerprint recognition. These changes are both opportunities and challenges for manufacturers in the industrial chain. However, there is no doubt that the comprehensive screen era has improved the technology research and development and production level of the industrial chain to a higher level. It is possible that only the truly powerful big brand supply chain can choose to stay in this wave of waves. Those enterprises that master the competitiveness of core components will undoubtedly become the biggest winners

the final impact is on the software, from the optimization of the built-in operating system to the optimization of various apps. If we don't redesign and improve the overall screen, but only adapt the resolution, I'm afraid we can't fully reflect the advantages of the screen. For example, the iphonex screen comes with a sea of water. How can various camera software properly handle the screen display so that consumers don't look so weird; For example, how can games, videos and reading software identify touch errors in the corner area of the full screen, so that consumers will not be cautious when using them. These small details will greatly affect consumers' experience and perception, and doing well will undoubtedly further enhance consumers' stickiness and habits

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