Construction and operation of stop valve in refrig

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Construction and operation of stop valve in refrigeration system

Abstract: in some refrigeration systems that people usually know, including air conditioning, the most indispensable object of the main is all kinds of valves, and the stop valve in refrigeration system is a common one. Refrigeration system because most of the springs are used in machinery and vehicles, what is the structure of the stop valve

structure of stop valve in refrigeration system

What are the structural characteristics of this stop valve? The most typical is that the flow output direction is bottom in and top out. In addition to the requirement that the direction must be clear during installation, it is also very convenient for the use of the whole valve. On the one hand, the bottom-up design can ensure easier opening. The output pressure of the medium itself

and the force of the valve stem act on the stop valve together. On the other hand, it avoids the direct contact between the gasket and the packing and the medium, prevents corrosion, and will not produce any leakage when replacing the packing

however, there are some special features, that is, on the stop valve with a diameter greater than 100mm, when the oil cylinder of the hydraulic system of the tension tester is made of steel, it is appropriate to use the bottom-up type, because this will lead to poor sealing. But in the same way, this kind of valve generally will not exceed 200mm. Compared with other kinds of methods, the advantages of stop valve are still obvious. It can be opened and closed without too large sharp tools. The erosion of the valve body is very small, the pressure on the flow is not large, and the flow direction of the fluid is not limited. Of course, the structure is simple and more convenient for casting. According to the difference of structure, this kind of valve is also divided into DC valve and right angle valve. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, so we won't repeat them here

in the refrigeration system, where to use the stop valve of the refrigeration system? One is the flow of Diabolo main pipe, and then the fluorine adding and fluorine discharging pipelines, oil filling valves and unit test valves. The connection of stop valve also adopts different measures according to different conditions. Some use flange connection, some use screw connection, and some even directly weld it

in fact, for the whole refrigeration system, small objects such as the stop valve of the refrigeration system sometimes play a great role. Therefore, whether as the user and maintainer of the equipment, on the one hand, we must use qualified products, on the other hand, we should strengthen the learning of valve related knowledge and pay attention to the usual observation and maintenance. Only in this way can the refrigeration system make the hydraulic universal testing machine last longer

in some refrigeration systems known to people at ordinary times, including air conditioning, the main components include compressor and condenser. The most indispensable items are various valves, and the stop valve of refrigeration system is a common one. Its function is mainly to dredge and cut off the medium. Because the valve disc is directly proportional to the flow, it is sometimes used as flow regulation

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