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Instructions for pwddfl series multi suction submerged sewage pump

before installing and using pwddfl multi suction sewage pump, you must carefully read the instructions to avoid damaging the machine due to improper use. Carefully check whether the type selection of water pump is correct and whether the actual use conditions are consistent with the specified use conditions

before starting the water pump:

the system shall be inspected by a qualified electrician until 2022 to ensure that the electrical protection measures required by the following items are taken

1. Before the operation of the pump, use a 0 ~ 500V megger to check the insulation resistance of the three-phase winding of the main cable of the motor to the ground, which shall not be less than 1 megohm at least. It is not allowed to use a megger to check the control cable to avoid damaging the internal electronic components

2. The power supply voltage must be in the rated wooden door, floor, wardrobe, cabinet and other products marked on the nameplate. The development of a series of products has proved that within the range of ± 5% of this voltage, the rise value of the power supply voltage is not allowed to exceed 10% of the rated voltage. If the power supply is far from the place where the water pump is used, the cross-sectional area of the cable should be thickened, the joints should be as few as possible, and the joints must be sealed to prevent water leakage

3. When the water pump is used, it must be equipped with a special control box and operated in strict accordance with the operating instructions. Before use, first check whether the wiring of the starting equipment is correct, whether the starting device is flexible, whether the contact is good, and whether the metal shell of the starting equipment is reliably grounded

4. The electrical control cabinet shall be moisture-proof, and the cable shall be placed carefully, not vertically at the suction inlet of the water pump

5. Check the rotation direction of the motor. Check the rotation direction before the initial installation and start of the pump or after each reinstallation

the detection method is that the elastic pin component is not installed temporarily, jog the motor to see whether the rotation direction of the motor coupling is consistent with the direction indicated on the nameplate. If the rotation direction is inconsistent, the position of any two phase lines in the three phases can be exchanged

if several pumps are connected to one controller, each pump must be checked separately

6. Correct installation and use. When the water pump works, it should run stably and flexibly without abnormal sound and vibration. Otherwise, it should be shut down to check whether the wiring method and rotation direction are correct

The maximum number of startup and shutdown of the sewage pump shall be calculated according to the specified number of startup and shutdown of the sewage pump per hour

when the water pump starts

1. After closing, if the motor does not rotate, it should be quickly and decisively switched off to avoid burning the motor

2. After starting the motor, pay attention to observe the motor and line voltage and ammeter. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately, find out the fault and eliminate it before switching on and starting again

3. Limit the number of continuous starts of the motor as required

4. When several motors are powered by one transformer, they cannot be started at the same time. They should be started one by one from large to small

5. Monitoring current during the operation of the water pump: the current of the motor shall not exceed the rated current of the nameplate. The three-phase current imbalance shall not exceed 10% under no-load and 5% under medium load

6. Voltage monitoring: the deviation between the power supply voltage and the rated voltage shall not exceed ± 5%, and the three-phase voltage imbalance shall not exceed 1.5%. The operation step is to cut the printing paper into three corners

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